Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade Lip Scrub

So, to make a homemade lip scrub you need:
1/2 tsp. Olive Oil
2 tbsp.  White Sugar 
1 tsp. Honey

You may use brown sugar or cane, both work well.  I enjoy white due to the graininess.

So what you do is combine them all like below, then 
you should stir to the right consistency you like, in the
container you like, the container I used is a little cough
drop container

The consistency I like!

Just the little container I used.   Not too fancy!

To apply you need to just apply a good sized amount to your lips and then massage it for a good minute and then wipe it off with a wet towel.  and it will make your lips perfect!  This also makes a great gift for a birthday or a summer gift!  Tell me how you liked it!

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