Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coit Tower

Today we went to sightseeing at the Coit Tower which was so beautiful!  The sight was amazing up there, unfortunately though, I am so stupid I forgot to take pictures at the top of the tower.  Anyways, amazingly, even thought we were in the city, there were still lots of flora near the Coit Tower.  So much that I could barely even get a picture of the tower!  Going to the top of the Coit Tower, my was exhausting, then going down!  Man by the time I finished walking up and down the stairs, my legs already got cramps, and we still had to walk around!  On the top of the tower, you could see all of San Francisco!  My, was it a sight to see!  I wanted to go at night so we could see San Francisco at night but, we didn't want to get lost so we stuck to going in the daytime.  If you're ever visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend you go to the Coit Tower, there is so much to see!  Tomorrow, I will show you the beauties in the inside of the Coit Tower!

Overlooking San Francisco.  (not on the Coit Tower)

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