Friday, July 12, 2013

Petting Zoo

        Petting Zoos at fairs or at zoos are always a fun activity to do, children of all ages just LOVE petting zoos. The petting zoo at the fair was more "exotic."  I say exotic because, when have you ever seen pigs, wallabies or deer at petting zoos.  The deer were really funny, if you were wearing a thin piece of clothing or a dress of some sort, they would start to chew on it.  The goats, were so adorable, if you had food in your hand, they would jump up and try to "perform tricks" for you.  They had little pot bellied piggies that were so funny!  All they did was eat, and lift their heads up to breathe, and when you pet them, you would here a little OINK!  

        To save a little bit of money at petting zoos, saving money I mean by not having to buy $10 feed for one handful, most people drop the food when giving it to the goats.  I do that as well!  All of the feed on the ground goes to waste!  The goats don't eat it because, they have been so domesticated in the petting zoo, the feel as if, when they get treats, humans have to give it to them.   Man, the luxurious life the goats get.  So anyways, just get your little ones to pick up the little pellets (hopefully they don't mistake it for goat droppings)  Also, if they have alfalfa hay in little containers, you can kinda shove your hand in the bale and grab the innards, the insides because, goats love that part better than the outside.  

        I hope you bring your children to your local petting zoo!  Trust me, your children will have so much fun.  They can stay there for HOURS!  Have fun!
 Below are just some of the cute little animals that we saw in the petting zoo!



Wallaby! NOT a kangaroo

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