Friday, July 19, 2013

New York- Museum Animals

I had my little nap, feeling better now!  So, on the first day, we went to the Museum of Natural History which is great for everyone!  I am just going to show you my favorite exhibit, if I showed you all of them, trust me, you would already be tired from just looking at the pictures.  This is the African Animal exhibit, personally one of my favorites like I said earlier.  Hopefully you'll like at just as much as me!  Don't worry these are fake animals, they aren't being held captive.
Gazelle, one of the more common animals in Africa

Okapi very rare to see due to for one, they are nocturnal, and are very nervous

Gorillas are very rare due to hunting, very friendly

Gemsbok, well adapted to life in arid regions, survive
in drier areas of southern Africa

Stable Antelope, another endangered animal, again due to hunters

Greater Koodoos are deer like animals, have the same traits as well

Just what it looks like in East Africa

More animals are in East Africa because over in West Africa, hunters, led all the animals to their deaths, there are very very few animals left in West Africa.  If you are touring Africa and you want to see animals, go to East Africa, such as Kenya.  

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