Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Evil Chickens

This is chicken number one.  Name: Almond.  Accused of: crushing and digging up plants.

This is chicken number two.  Name: Mango.  Accused of:  Stepping on garlic plants

This is chicken number three.  Name: Kung Pao.  Accused of:  Stealing mealworms

This is chicken number four.   Name Pebbles.  Accused of: Finding a way to get into our crops.


  1. Our chickens are naughty, too. Every summer I put plants in pots on our front porch - every year the chickens claim those pots. They dig & dig, then lay eggs in the pots. I'm thinking this year I should just forget those pots.

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      My chickens, as you can tell from my post, my chickens eat and dig up my crops. I will post about how to block them from digging up your crops.


  2. Awww, too cute! I don't think I could stay mad at them for long :)

    Found you on Tilly's Nest :)