Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plant Protection

   To keep your plants safe from chickens who just want to eat up all your plants, you must use bamboo.  If you have a bamboo plant close by like I do, this will help protect your plants.  I have tried many ways such as using chicken wire against a pot, but this doesn't work as well.  Believe me, bamboo works.

My chickens just love to go to where I planted the fig tree because it has such a big pot filled with dirt.  To break this habit, you have to stick the bamboo upright onto the pot, causing the chickens to have no way into the pot at all.  As much as I hate not letting my chickens roam freely, I really hate cleaning up the dirt after them.

     So all in all, if you want to save your plants from the troubles of chickens, bamboo is a plants best friend.
Good Luck!  And thanks to Jennifer for the post idea!

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