Monday, February 11, 2013

Wild Birds

           In our backyard, we hang up three bird feeders.  Two of them are a blend of different bird seeds and another one is humming bird nectar.  The birds that we normally attract are robins, fiches, mourning doves, humming birds, chickadees and of course chickens.  These birds come on a daily basis.  On the bird feeder,
the robins and chickadees, always peck at the sunflowers and millet seeds.  The birds nearly come every morning and with a group of their friends and start to peck the feeder until it's dry as can be.  Then, when the feeder runs out of seeds, then they go to the ground to look for any missed seeds.  That's when the chickens start running and scaring of the birds.

          We also had a suet feeder recently, but they ate all the suet in a snap.  The birds that come running for the suet are chickadees and finches.  We also use a humming bird feeder which of course attracts humming birds.  If you have young ones like I do, no doubt will your child start pointing out the window and saying "Humming bird!  Humming bird!"  Having a humming bird feeder is probably the best feeder around because of the majestic birds that go to the feeder.  Not only that, but they are just so adorable
A picture of Anna's Hummingbird.  This is the humming bird we normally see.

We really enjoy keeping the wild birds well fed as  you can tell.  I hope you guys have some ideas about attracting wild birds!  If you are already attracting birds I hope you learned a few things.

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