Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chilacayote Squash Sprouts

  You might take a look at the title and say, what is a chilacayote squash, well it's a squash that looks similar to a watermelon and tastes like and can be prepared like a pumpkin.  I did a seed trade, not too long ago and we traded rosemary seeds for some chilacayote seeds.  The chilacayote, is in fact a semi-rare plant.  You don't stumble across it as common as you would say, a pumpkin.  When she offered the seeds for my rosemary seeds, I of course was super excited, everyday I would be waiting for the seeds to come in the mail.  Once I got them, I immediately planted them, it took about five to six days to germinate.  I was purposly procrastinating my posts so that when you guys see the post, you would be as excited as I would.  As you can tell, germination, isn't a problem for me, with the right conditions, it can be really easy and be germinated fast.  

   Chilacayote Sprout

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