Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aloe Vera Splitting

  So as you guys know from my last post I have some new plants.  One of those plants is Aloe Vera, my favorite.  I bought it for three dollars and it came with some "pups" smaller plants forming near the larger plant.  I bought this plant because I knew that you could separate the pup plants from the mother plant and get more plants.  As you can tell from the picture there are three pups and what you cant't see are the three in the back.

So what I did was uproot the plant, which personally works for me.  Grabbed each of the pups from their base and gently but forcefully pulled it away from the mother.  Even if they don't have any roots when splitting, do not worry!  It will soon grow roots and turn into a healthy plant!  

As you can tell, I have six plants some larger than others.  I am hoping that every single one of the pups will grow to be healthy plants.  Also, if you have an Aloe Vera ready to be split and have split them, they make great gifts for young and old alike.  I gave one recently to a family member and she just adored it!  These will make perfect gifts!

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