Sunday, May 26, 2013

Seed Library

  Hello guys, sorry for the lack of posts, crazy memorial week.  So, during the week, we went to a seed library.  Those of you who haven't been to a seed library, it's a place where you can get free seeds for exchanging however many seeds at any time you want for however many varieties of seeds you want to grow.  Some of the seed varieties that I have gotten from my local seed library are: golden beets, black prince tomato, green zebra tomato, and others.  This is a chance to get heirloom seeds you've been looking for, or even seeds you didn't know about.  I know this is the place I find new varieties of seeds and seeds I dearly want.  When going to a seed library, the seeds range from, amaranth to zinnias.  I highly recommend you to go to your local seed library to grab and donate some seeds!  I know I would appreciate it and so would other gardeners.  Happy Gardening!

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