Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plant Sale

 So, yesterday, I went to a plant sale!  Almost nothing was over 5 dollars!  Being the gardener I am I bought some plants.  It was an outdoor plant sale with plant donations from nurseries around where I live.  So the plants that we bought were all from nurseries so all of the plants we got good deals on.  So the plants we got were:

Lamb's Ear.  One of my personal favorites because of its super soft leaves which of course feel like prickly cacti.  Just kidding, it feels like a lamb's ear which is where it gets it's name.  Lambs ear are a perennial and extremely easy to grow.  This I bought for a cheap price of three dollars.

Another plant I bought was lemon balm.  I got this plant due to it's medicinal values and it's uses for tea.  If you read Tea Leaves   you should know I am a tea addict.

I also bought spearmint plant for it's medicinal values and tea uses.

The last plant I bought is one of my favorites.  Its Aloe Vera!  I bought the Vera plant for a cheap price of 3 dollars!  I bought it for it's uses for skin and the drink.  This is one of my favorites!

If you have any plant sales around your area, I highly recommend going so you could get some plants for a low price!  GO NOW!!

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