Tuesday, April 2, 2013


  So, as you might know, being a gardener, also comes with lots and lots and LOTS of weeds.  Pulling these weeds is like a pain in the butt and when you go to sleep  your back is feeling bad and you sleep like a baby.  Right now, (even though it's past St. Patrick's Day) my garden is green and yellow, but mostly green with weeds, but mostly clovers.  The problem with these weeds is that the bees just swarm around them and don't care at all about my apple tree and my other plants that need pollinating.  Anyways, once the flowers are pollinated, they decide to make seeds and start reproducing.  Making a endless back-breaking pain for me.  I told my son about this, and his idea was to whack the flowers from the clovers which is not a bad idea, since they won't be able to reproduce without the flower.  This sort of has been working and has been reliving me from all the work, but still, this is hard work.  You have to uproot the whole plant or else the plant will grow before you say "Attached to Gardening is my favorite blog!"  If you don't believe me, just go out in your street and say it and almost instantly, your clover will grow.  (just kidding, hopefully you didn't do it! OTL)  If you don't know what OTL is click me!  Anyways, I hope you don't have the same problem as me, or else you will be pulling weeds for YEARS!  This is just all of being part of a gardener, even if you grow plants you don't want.  Have fun growing weeds growing plants that you want.

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