Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gone on Vacation...

Hey guys, I am going to be on vacation for about a week so I am going to post some old posts and call them "new" this is for you all that are new to my blog.  Thanks for understanding!  Hopefully you guys willl enjoy!  Thanks!

Chamomile Seedling!

So, lately, I found a small little chamomile plant. I used to raise these flowers when I was younger. So, I came across this plant when I was walking around a little trail near my neighborhood. I found a big plant, of this flower and a small little plant like this one. I decided, to uproot the plant because I remembered growing the same plant a while back. With the small plant I uprooted it and planted it in a little pot. Hopefully, it will grow to be a big plant and I will be able to plant it outside.

I just want this to show that, you don't need any seeds or anything. If there is a small plant that isn't supposed to be there, like from seeds that grew that were from flying seeds or from critters that dug them there. All you have to do is uproot the plant, make sure that you don't destroy the roots of the plant or, of course it won't grow.

So far, the plant is growing really well as you can see. If you would like to grow a plant, this is so much easier than growing a seed or using a cutting! I find this way easier than planting seeds, If you don't well that's okay, I just recommend that you try this method. Honestly it really works and you don't have to be worried about the germination rate, because of course it is already grown. Hopefully, you find this way easy and you will use this method as well.

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