Saturday, April 20, 2013

Allergy Season

  As you all know, it's spring, the flowers are blooming and that comes with pollen, and lots of it.  You try to smell a flower but with a flower, comes with pollen and then...With the pollen it  gets in your nose and in your eyes you have runny noses, sniffy noses, watery eyes, itchy eyes and other allergies.

  Supposedly, when you have all those symptoms, you are supposed to eat a tablespoon of honey per day.  BUT not any kind of honey, honey that is local.  It also has to be wildflower honey.  You might be saying, now this is just crazy, eating honey to cure allergies.  Actually though, this works, it is supposed to be because the bees pollinate the wildflowers and make honey and when you ingest the honey it builds up your immune system.

  Hopefully you guys get the same results as I do and have barely any allergies!  Try to see if it works for you!  This is also the more healthier way than taking drugs and getting allergies and ingesting who knows what.  I highly recommend the honey.

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