Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gone on Vacation 2...

Hey guys, I am going to be on vacation for about a week so I am going to post some old posts and call them "new" this is for you all that are new to my blog. Thanks for understanding! Hopefully you guys willl enjoy! Thanks!

Trimming Flowers

So, a garden rumor I have been hearing is that if you cut the flowers of a flowering plant, the next year, even more flowers will produce. This is because flowers take a lot of energy to produce so once the flowers are trimmed, they use their energy to help the plant grow larger and stronger, which allows the plant to produce more flowers. Hopefully, this will work and not be a myth. So earlier today, I cut the flowers with a pair of scissors and now there are no more colors but green. So, the plant first looked like this
Now the plant without a single flower or sprouting flower it now looks like this.
The plant is now bare naked and is deprived of flowers. Hopefully the plant will sprout next year with tens and thousands of flowers.

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