Friday, April 26, 2013

Harvesting Tomato Seeds

Harvesting tomato seeds sounds super easy right,  just cut open the tomato, get the seeds, let it dry and there you have it, seeds ready for germination.  If you thought that's what you were supposed to do, I don't blame you that's what I thought you were supposed to do as well, but in fact it is it is much more complicated.   If you didn't know how to harvest tomato seeds, that's what this blog is for!  To learn!

  To harvest tomato seeds, half to, first, get a knife and a spoon and of course, the tomatoes.  So first you want to cut the tomato like this

  Then with all your tomatoes cut in half, use a spoon and use it and take the insides out and put it in some container.  With the seed pulp do a 1:3 ratio of seeds:water.  The shake it up so it looks something like this.

You want to let it sit for a couple of days to get some mold.  The mold helps prevent the seeds from getting diseases and getting a low germination rate.  Then, you want to strain the seeds from the water and mold.  Then, put it on a piece of wax paper to let it dry.  Wax paper because it doesn't allow the seeds to stick.  Let it sit there for a few days and viola tomato seeds!  If you like to harvest your own seeds, I hope you guys that like saving you seeds found this post useful.  Happy Gardening!

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