Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rosemary Seeds

    We have a rosemary plant and the seed pods have finally come out, they came out green, though, but I am ready to dry them for planting. .  The problem is, is that taking out rosemary seeds from the pods takes a very VERY long time.  But, it all is worth it after you get the product, because with rosemary, you have unstoppable uses.  I just got barely 1 stem and I have over 50 seeds.  The seeds do have a very low germination rate unfortunately, but that's okay.   I have been doing some seed trades lately with my rosemary seeds and have been getting new plants and seeds

        We have had a rosemary plant for a pretty long time now.  We had fresh rosemary to marinate our meat, and boy is that good, it's so much better than dried herbs.   Also rosemary contains carnosol which is supposed to be a cancer repellent.  If you are interested in rosemary I recommend you get some!

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