Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pots for Root Vegetables 5

          I am thinking and thinking of what to grow in my pot!  I am having the hardest time!  First my mind tells me to grow potatoes,  then the other half tells me to grow carrots!  So my decision is down to those two.  I think I just might grow carrots because of a earlier accident with my EVIL CHICKENS.  I planted a bunch of carrot seeds on a raised garden bed and let them sit, protecting them with bamboo.  Somehow my chickens got into it, started eating every single one of the leaves (the carrots were just 1 week into sprouting)  and turned the seeds to compost.  It was horrendous!  All four of my chickens were killing the plants non-stop!

     Why do I want to grow potatoes?  Well, there are so many different kinds of potatoes it's unbelievable!  The colors range from yellow to purple!  Also, they come in different shapes and sizes which I think is kinda cool.  Not only that but they are really easy to grow!   Also, on top of that they grow so fast, in like 2 months.(considering some plants take a whole season)

          Hopefully I can choose today before it's too late!  I am down to two plants!  Thanks for keeping up!

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