Monday, March 11, 2013

Pots for Root Vegetables 6

        Sorry for the delay of posts guys.  I have been having some trouble with the internet lately.   Anyways, I have decided what I should plant in my pot.  Finally yes, I know.  I have decided to grow potatoes.  I have decided to grow potatoes for many reasons such as, potatoes can be dug out much easier in a pot rather than in the soil where you have to search the whole darn earth just to find one potato.  Also, I have decided to grow all the other root vegetables in my raised garden bed (I will talk about later).  The reason is, is because carrots, and other root vegetables are so much easier to pull out of the ground unlike potatoes, where you have to search until the sun goes down to find one darned potato.

         Today I just planted, some tubers and hopefully they will come out.  As you can tell in the picture to the side.  I didn't use potato tubers.  Instead,  I sort of sprouted the potato eyes, cut of the non-sprouted part and just planted it.   To plant potatoes in pots, it's actually quite easy, all you really have to do is dug a 5 inch hole(appx.)  and just stick it in, then plant it.  Most likely, you won't have to plant any more tubers because you are bound to forget a potato, it will sprout eyes and the whole life cycle begins again.  In a few weeks I will get back to you guys and show you how my potato plant is doing.  Thanks for waiting! ~Sunny


  1. Great idea! We have many big pots that I think could use potatoes this year! I came from Tilly's.

    1. That's great! Big pots are really just the thing for potatoes because they make it so much easier to dig up. Also, potatoes are so much fun to grow!

  2. How are your potatoes coming along? Any thoughts of growing beets later?