Friday, March 15, 2013

3 Layers Of Garden Space

        Today was a good day for building.  I made a three layered raised garden bed out of materials I got from my garage behind everything.  I was doing some wring clean.  Yes wring cleaning, wring, winter and spring cleaning.  It's in between winter and spring.  Anyways, while I was cleaning out my probably don't want to hear my life story. So, lets fast forward just a little bit.  So, I made a three layer gardening bed made of recycled materials.  Well materials that were unused for a long time.  I built this so I could have more room to plant things such as, tomatoes, beets, flowers, herbs and other plants.  I even planted 8 flowers already and they bloomed as fast as you can click your mouse!  As you can see I didn't put any fencing on there, only because I didn't want the fencing to block your view.  But, if I don't put any fencing, it allow the chickens to get in there and make little dust bath crevices in the dirt.  I have to clean it up which is a pain. I have to dust of the bricks with a broom which takes a pretty long time because you have to try to get the dirt in the garden bed and not the floor.  To fill the crevices is even harder.  Luckily you guys have the cleaned up picture or else it will look like a mess.  If you guys have any ideas on what I should plant just leave a comment and I will take it into consideration!


  1. How about planting some veges with flowers?

  2. Any new pictures of your planting in the raised garden beds?

    1. I haven't planted any plants yet. I am waiting until I put up the right protection before planting any because I am worried that my chickens will get to the seeds before they even germinate.