Monday, March 25, 2013

Sprouting Potatoes

   As you all should know from reading Pots For Root Vegetables 6 I am growing potatoes.  Not too long ago they finally sprouted.  I am hoping to be able to dig them up in about 1-2 weeks, trying to get some "high quality" potatoes, which is basically your tubers.   Before I even get started about getting my potatoes, I have to cross my fingers before my Evil Chickens get there, and destroy it.  I am most likely to not harvest all the potatoes and let the life cycle of potatoes to keep growing.  Here's how the life cycle of a potato works.  First, I plant it, it grows, I harvest some of them, I eat them and while I am eating they start to scream in terror realizing the skin of Joe (for you guys that are named Joe just use Fred and vice versa) is their fertilizer and immediately tries to reproduce and while they are reproducing I am waiting for another season for harvesting.  Anyways, my potato is about ready to harvest.  Keep up and follow!

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