Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pots for Root Vegetables

So, lately, we bought a big ol' pot for some root vegetables.  I am thinking about growing potatoes because I haven't grown potatoes before.  Also, an awesome thing about potatoes is that they can basically grow in all seasons as long as they are kept in the garage or in a moderate temperature.  Also, growing potatoes is an awesome thing to grow because there are no "seed potatoes" or "tubers."  You can use store bought potatoes and cut/trim it to make it a smaller potato as long as it has "eyes."  Then doing this, you can plant either your small potatoes or you cut potatoes.  Also you don't want to let your potatoes sit too long in the dirt or else they'll turn into the crappy store bought potatoes.  Growing potatoes and harvesting them for 10 to 13 weeks gives you high quality potatoes.  Tomorrow there will be a follow up post on carrots.

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