Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring's Magic

   With spring right around the corner, my flowers on my decorative tree is blooming, non-stop.  The flowers are so beautiful!  They are this nice pink shade with beautiful purple leaves.  (leaves came back now)  Our family just loves this and we like to put it in a little pot when we need a little touch of spring to our house.  The good part about these flowers is that it adds a nice scent in our backyard and instead of smelling chicken poo we can smell flowers.

       Seeing the flowers every time I go outside to do gardening work, gives me a great feeling.  When I look at the flowers, it gives me a reason to garden.  To enjoy what comes from all the hard work, and that it all pays off.  It's like, the flowers, sign of growth, and knowing my tree is growing every year, it represents my garden.  The flowers are all the little plants that grow every year.  That my garden is improving. It shows that my garden is going to thrive and that I will get some good crops.  When there are no flowers, that year is going to be as good, and that I won't have as many crops.  This is how I interpret the flowers and growth of my tree.  To me, this tree is my fortune teller.  I love this tree and can and never will part from it.

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