Monday, March 4, 2013

Pots For Root Vegetables 4

Radishes, radishes add a nice spicy taste to every salad.  They are great for veggie dips as long as you have hummus.  Radishes are probably, one of my favorite vegetables of all time.  I love to pack a little container of radishes, have a bit of hummus or ranch on the side and pack it for lunch radishes are also among the easiest and fastest vegetables to grow.  There a more than 250 radishes that gardeners can choose from and each and every one of those radishes have unique colors, sizes, shapes and flavors.  Most of them cannot be found in supermarkets. In addition, radishes can help cure constipation and aid in digestion.  Also, radish juice soothes the digestive and excretory system to relive piles.  Another health benefit is that the help clean and protect against infection.  Radishes are basically just a health benefit waiting for you.

   Why do I want to grow radishes?  Well, radishes, of course have a lot of heath benefits which is good.  But also, radishes are my comfort food, when I feel down, I can take out a radish.  The radish will sort of lift my spirits (don't ask why  I don't know)  The nice crunch and the flavors combine and make a great combination.

    Radishes are also one of the very few plants that take very little time to grow which is helpful.  Also, like beets, radishes don't require much maintenance.  Unfortunately, radishes are so small and don't last too long in our fridge before they run out (because we eat them all in one sitting)  Hopefully, I can grow a big batch of radishes!

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