Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Garlic Sprout

      A few days ago, was cooking with some garlic and when I went to get a garlic it was sprouting, so I just threw it out into my compost bin.  Little did I know that it started to root and grow to a garlic plant hoping to be grown to produce me a full bulb.  It grew kinda lop-sided though, probably because it was trying to reach the sun to photosynthesize.  I planted it this morning and it is growing pretty well.  If you are wondering why my garlic just grew out of nowhere, it's because first of all it sprouted, and I threw it in my compost bin where it has all the key factors for growing conditions, humidity, like a greenhouse, moisture, and heat.  This also works with bird seeds, that's how I got the seedling for my Seedlings In Eggshells post.  With the right factors you can sprout basically any type of seed!

         Clearly, garlic is a very easy plant to grow but they take almost half a year to grow which isn't the best thing for impatient people like me.  I have my fingers crossed!  I hope that I can get some fresh garlic before my chickens dig them up.  If you are interested in growing some garlic, I have provided some helpful links on the side!  Just click for more information!  The have great garlic bulbs that are cheap and there are some very helpful books that I bought myself!

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