Saturday, March 30, 2013

Potato Growing 101

    As you know, I have been planting potatoes, and they sprouted not too long ago.  I decided, well, if they were so easy to grow, mine as well grow some more and give a tutorial video on how to plant potatoes so you could grow a bountiful crop of your own.

      So, first go to your local grocery store and buy a potato with a lot of eyes such as the one on the right.  All you have to do is make some marks where your eyes are and make some lines to cut it up to grow more plants. Like on the right =====>>

     Then use your lines to cut up the potato in shapes, and make sure your eyes aren't cut.  Then with your shapes, just plant a 3-4 inch hole and stick them in and cover it up with dirt and in 5-6 days you will start to see it sprout!  

     This is just to show that you don't need any dumb ol' seed potato.  Just buy a potato from Safeway with a bunch of eyes and use that as your seed.

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