Monday, March 18, 2013

Green Eggs and...More Green Eggs

  As you all may know, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day.  And what color should you wear in order to not be pinched?  GREEN!!  For breakfast, I cooked some eggs, but not just any eggs, but green eggs!  I scrambled some eggs and put some food coloring in there and viola!  Green eggs and... green eggs!  We all just loved it!  It was really hard to keep the surprise away from the curious children, but somehow, I managed to make the eggs without them finding out what I cooked for them.  I cooked them in a silicone heart shaped "shaper"  making them into a heart shaped green egg.  When they saw the eggs they nearly squealed in delight.  The smiles on their faces were longer than the Golden Gate Bridge!  Funny part is, is that I nearly tricked them that because, Almond, my ameracauna, laid the green egg which caused the egg to turn green on St. Patrick's Day.  Yesterday, was one of the best St. Patrick's Day we had in a long time.  Well, what did you guys do for St. Patrick's Day?

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